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What is CSS Layout?

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The Development Process

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About Online Marketing

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"A Good Plan Executed Today, Is Better Than A Perfect Plan Executed Too Late"
-- Aesop


If you are visiting here you are either interested in making me a part of your company or are looking for someone to bring your web site vision to life. My specialty is honest and straightforward consultation, design and marketing. The internet has changed from the days when marketing was all about tricking search engines and trying all kinds of shady methods to get a top ranking. Today, quality in both content and construction of your web site are what make the difference. If you read more in my section titled "About Online Marketing" I will talk much more about this.

Getting Started

Moving forward on a project involves first sitting down and hearing about your vision and how you expect customers to reach you. The most important question a web development professional can ask a client before even a single idea is passed along is, "How do you intend to bring traffic to your web site?" That answer is what decides the scope of the project and ultimately determines how much time and effort it will take to reach your goal. If your intention is to build a web site so that people can visit from your business card or a magazine ad, then a small 5 page web site that looks great will serve your needs and reduce your annual costs. If however you intend to aquire new business from the search engines, a web optimization strategy will need to be put in place. You can read more about optimization by clicking here.

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