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Clients & Samples

Projector Solution      
4 Star Electronics is a leading supplier of obsolete electronic components. With over 5.9 million parts, my goal was to design a SQL Server database and programming model that would allow search engines to index and display customer part searches in the top 5 position on Google. Site also provides inventory status via XML from outsourced part databases.

Projector Reviews

A web site dedicated to reviewing projectors. Created the interface, installed ad tracking system and provided narrated instructional videos that detailed how to maintain the site.

Presentation Pointers

Charo Chicken of San Clemente uses their web site to make ordering easy. The goal was to use the bold colors and hard lines that brand the company so well while combining ease of use. The site allows you to sign up and receive monthly and weekly specials via email.

Presentation Pointers

Site was designed to be a portal for people looking for information on public speaking and presenting. Built originally in ASP with a SQL Server 2000 database back-end, but recently converted to PHP and MySQL. Files extensions are .asp with a .htaccess handling the execution of PHP script underneath. Responsible for complete graphic design, concept, layout and programming.

Gnosis Hypnosis

For this site I created an animated Flash logo that emphasized the key concepts of hypnotherapy. The butterflies were a flat picture animated in Flash to appear as though the butterfly was quietly and patiently readying its wings before taking flight.

NC Dundas
(Complete Site)
Source of information for an insurance broker. Was first freelance project. Created in 1998. Still online.

Projector Solution
I was web director for company Alliant Solution Inc.) for 7 years. Due to projectors becoming a commodity, the company decided to close down in January of 2006. You can click here for a larger view of the interface. I graphically designed the site and built and maintained the product database. Along with being web director I also provided support to customers, trained sales people, and managed all online marketing campaigns.


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