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What is CSS Layout?

Find out why proper web site construction is important.
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The Development Process

Go on a step-by-step journey through web development.
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About Online Marketing

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About Web Site Optimization

Web site optimization has become a 9.4 Billion dollar industry as site owners duke it out on the web to be within the top 10 positions on Google for their desired keywords. Nobody really knows the secret to being on top, but what people do know is that content rules. Having a great web site with lots of helpful information is one of your best starts to ranking well in the search engines.

Think about this. Google has become what it is because it provides great results to everyday searches. We have questions, Google has answers by finding web sites that seem most likely to answer our question the best. If your site has a vast amount of information on a topic, it is more than likely going to rank better than a site with only 4 pages of relevant information. That is why it is so important to write, write, write.

Web site optimization is more than just writing content. It is structure as well. How you link to other sections of your site, how you lay it out, how you host the site with your provider, all these factors make a difference. Even who links to you plays a huge part in how well you rank.

There is no magic bullet to reach the top and it can take months to see results, but one thing that just about all search engine optimizers agree upon is that you need great content and a lot of it. Not just fluff, but well thought out writing that is truly helpful to the end user.

Geographical Optimization

Geographical Optimization is the term I use to refer to the art of making a companies services easily found by local businesses and consumers in surrounding regions. Just about everyone now uses the web to find a company that can perform a service for them. The days of flipping through a big yellow book are gone. We go straight to Google, type what we want to find, include our city name and hope for the best. However, so many companies forget to target these local cities in their content. If it is not in a textual format on your web site, Google will not be able to connect you with the internet user. Geographical Optimization solves that problem and makes sure you show up in Google when someone needs services in your area.

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