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What is CSS Layout?

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The Development Process

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The Design Process

The process to go from concept to actual working web site is pretty straightforward. Before layout, colors, graphics or any kind of aesthetics are considered; the most important question to address is how traffic will reach the site. It determines how the site is constructed. If your reasons for wanting a web site are to just simply provide more information from a business card or local magazine advertisement then your options for design and layout are pretty wide open. Also, your cost is greatly reduced because you won't need an on-going optimization strategy for the search engines. However, if you intend to gain most of your business from being found in search engines, then there is a lot more to consider when designing and budgeting your new web site.

Laying it all Out

Once the way you intend traffic to reach your site is determined, the layout and elements phase begins. We determine all sections and pages that will need to be created. An example would be the "Contact Us" page. Once a list of pages for creation is complete we now go to the layout. While the designer is doing the engineering/layout, either the site owner or a hired copywriter is busy writing the content for each of the pages that were outlined. The engineering part believe it or not just starts with a piece of paper and a rough sketch. The designer then can take that blueprint and start carefully coordinating a template with pixel point accuracy in the computer. The template will contain navigation elements, a header, a footer, and all the basic information that will surround each web pages content.

What's Next

After the template is complete the content for all the pages that were created in the copywriting stage can be inserted into the master template. Once all the content has been placed into its own individual page, based on the template page, the site is finished and ready to go live. If you intend to receive traffic from search engines, then this final step is really considered the beginning.

Search Engine Optimization

Web sites that rank well on the search engines are handled a little differently after the initial design phase is complete. They need to be monitored and adjusted on a weekly, if not daily basis. Additional articles and information need to continually be written to show the search engines just how informative, up-to-date and fresh your site is. So it is essential the site be larger than your typical 4-5 page web site. Realistically you will want to become the definitive source of information about your product or service. To learn more, read my section on "About Site Optimization."

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