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Why Web Analytics?

Line GraphOne of the most overlooked areas of web site marketing is web analytics. Without web site analysis you are flying blind when it is time to make very important decisions about your web site. However, web analytics do not just allow a company to make a better web site, they can provide the purchasing department, or the CFO, invaluable information as well. Imagine that your web site analysis shows that there has been a steep fall off in traffic for a particular product that you used to by large quantities of. Doing an analysis of your web site can alert you to changing trends in your industry and keep cash flow in check.

Finding Problem Areas and Moving Product

Web Analytics also give the webmaster and marketing department an opportunity to find problem areas. This ensures that traffic is reaching the right areas of the web site. If you are trying to push an item that you have had in the warehouse for quite some time, and you discover through web analysis that traffic is low to that product page, you can make changes to your web site to guide users in the right direction. Each day you can check the statistics and adjust marketing efforts accordingly until the product has sold-out.

Measuring Traffic: Users and Demographics

Geographical MapMeasuring traffic and learning about where internet users are coming from is also very important. Lets say you are looking at your web statistics about the same time you are planning to turn your successful company into a Franchise. You notice through web statistics that a certain region of the US has a heavy concentration of users that have searched for your product. You now have a good starting point on where to find your first franchisee.

Web Analytics and Advertising

Another example of why you would want to measure web site traffic is if you plan to sell advertising. Advertisers will want to know what kind of traffic your site gets. If you can't report that, they won't sign up. In some cases individual sections of your web site might be attractive to certain advertisers. Doing a web site analysis of those sections can determine just how much traffic those areas receive and ultimately how much you can charge for a spot.

Determining Ad Effectiveness

There is no better way to determine whether an advertisement on a search engine like Google or Yahoo is effective than using a good web site analysis tool. Web site analysis tools like WebTrends and HitBox allow you to track campaigns and conversions. Which is very important when it pertains to staying within your advertising budget. An analysis may reveal that certain ads just do not produce profit. Web site analysis can reveal all that and a lot more.

Web analysis is obviously very important as I have demonstrated. It can tell us more about a company, and the customers that interact with it via the web. Make sure to incorporate a strong web analysis plan into your everyday web strategy.

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