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What is CSS Layout?

That is a good question and one you should be thinking about if you are an individual or company planning a web site. In the last few years new methods have been developed to allow designers to position objects, text and graphics without the use of tables. If you are a Microsoft Word user you might have used tables to position a paragraph where you want it or a graphic or two. The web used to be the same way. Now, a site layout is done using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). A CSS document is separate from the web page and it is a set of instructions that can often be many pages long telling the web browser exactly where objects should be positioned and how they should look.

CSS is Jenny Craig for Web Pages

The great part about CSS is that it does not bloat the page with a lot of formatting script. This is important because it is thought that Google can be particular about page size. If you have over 300K pages and each is 50 kilobytes in size, Google might see this as way too much information to store and only decide to index 100K pages. If this was your site, that is 200K products that Google won't index and your potential customers will never see. Keep in mind, this is only theory, but sensible theory nonetheless when you consider even Google doesn't want to slow down its search result speed. What is known, is that Google does have limits to how much of a site it will index based on certain factors.

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